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Subject: An important issue in my major field this point, look less for specific details than for “good

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To person should believe your thesis, you’re well on your way. ” What have I seen or done or read or heard that caused Reason 1: Athletes are especially likely to be victims of than pass quickly over its surface.

this university’s Physical Education program.

in this area.

can do that, give at least three good reasons why a reasonable their team members and students.

begin doing this, look carefully at your thesis. Try asking:

could be supported as follows:

me three good reasons why I should believe you.” If you drug abuse.

Focused Topic: Drug education for college physical education worthwhile thought, to take the reader inside that idea rather Thesis: Drug education deserves a more prominent place in majors

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Reason 2: The University presently offers very little instruction prominent place in this university’s Physical Education program,” Reason 3: As coaches and health education teachers our graduates

At Original ” Why do I believe this statement is true?

writer’s job is not simply to list ideas, which could be seen will be in a good position to pass the knowledge along to For example, the thesis, “Drug education deserves a more as mere personal opinions, but to probe and test a single reasons.” Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Give me to make this statement?

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