Buying A Dissertation A Step By Step Guide

Yes you can! But…there is one big problem. It’s a minefield out there. So, I decided to set-up a dissertation buying guide to show how you can safely pick the right company.

Buying A Dissertation A Step By Step Guide

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First of all, a dissertation writing service can be a very beneficial aid to help you write your own dissertation. Many people find writing a dissertation the hardest task when at univserity, expecially if English is your second language, with most universities providing little practical help. As long as you use the dissertation writing service as a learning aid it can be the answer to all your troubles.

I decided to write a guide which shows you the elements of a company you should check before placing an order with them. If you follow the simple steps you can safeguard yourself against disappointment.

The key guarantees are to make sure they have a 100% no plagiarism guarantee. They must also guarantee they only use professional qualified writers that have English as their first language and that you will be guaranteed to recieve the dissertation level that you requested when ordering. The last guarantee that is important to check is that they will make amendments if you feel the writer has not followed all your instructions. This is important because a writer may not get it 100% right the first time and you may need to ask for an adjustment to your dissertation.

Ok the last step. Finding out where the website is registered to make sure it’s registered to the company that matches the details showing on their website. This is really easy to do, just go to and put in the website address. If the details don’t match or the details on their site or their details are hidden then you can’t guarantee the company is based where they state on the website. If this is so you should stay away from that site.

Get a quote for your custom written dissertation, check to see if there is any small print and no hidden charges and make sure VAT is included within the price. But the most important element from your quote, and this is going to sound very strange, is to make sure it’s not too cheap. If the prices are around £31 or $51 for each 1000 words at a 2:1 level then that company is very unlikely to be using professional highly qualified UK or US writers. Instead they are more likely to be using writers who don’t have English as their first language and are educated outside the UK or US. Unfortunately, good UK and US writers demand a good wage to work, so to require their services you need to find a company that quotes realistic prices of around £130 or $150 for each 1000 words at a 2:1 level.

Below, I’ve put together a guide that will help you safely pick your way through the countless number of websites offering dissertation writing services.

Call the number and check it’s answered by a person with an accent that matches that country. Many dissertation writing companies will state they’re based within the United kingdom or the United states but are instead based within the Ukraine or India. You may think that it doesn’t matter as long as the person that will write your dissertation has the right skills, but this is actually very important because if there is any problem with your order and you have to ask for a refund you won’t have the same legal rights if the company is outside the UK or US. You will have to rely on the company’s good will to return your money.

Make sure their address is clearly shown and it matches their company registration details. One tip I use is to put their postcode within Google maps and look to see what type of area Google shows. I once discovered one allegedly ‘legit’ UK based company was actually using a postcode that, in reality, was a small residential house and could not possibly be the large dissertation writing company they were claiming to be. Many companies do use a PO box address, this may not automatically mean they are not reliable. However the PO box address does not show you their real address and I would, personally, stay away from these companies. If they have nothing to hide why would they hide their real address?

Make sure your chosen company clearly shows their company registration number and also their VAT number. All legitimate UK companies have to be registered with ‘company house’ and have to show this number on their website. You can normally find this information placed at the bottom of a website or on their ‘about us’ page. Once you have their registration number, you can check it is a legitimate number and not just made up by going to www and click on ‘find company information’, enter their number and check the details shown are correct.




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Buying A Dissertation A Step By Step Guide

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